Managing Your Energy Not Your Time

Hello Ladies, 

We can often find ourselves run down in life, on a treadmill and sitting back wondering, when was the last time I actually laughed. Being intentional with how we energise our lives is so critical for living a life that we want. Why can some people be so busy yet have so much energy and others do little and be tired all the time? It's all about how you manage your energy not your time.

What are your energy inputs? Research tells us that happiness and energy are found in being part of a connected community with supportive relationships, having good health, a positive thought life, feeling valued and feeling like you have a purpose.

To help me explain the symptoms of an energy deficiency, I am going to use the illustration of physical dehydration.

You get thirsty

Obviously right? You get thirsty. You get a strong desire to drink something, anything, and your thirst can often feel unquenchable if left long enough. When you are emotionally thirsty you start looking for fulfilment outside of what is healthy for your life. You may start comparing yourself, get into wrong relationships, practice destructive behaviour at work and in your relationships.

Are you taking the time to sit and be quiet? Have you written a list of things that give you energy and that you enjoy doing? When was the last time you did them? It is amazing how often we have neglected to do the things we enjoy for months or even years.  

You get tired

Hydration has a massive part to play with your energy levels. If you are dehydrated you lose your energy and struggle to think straight. It’s the same with your emotional state. You will start overreacting when you are not in balance. You will see things bigger than they are and lose the energy to fight for things like you once did.

How well are you looking after yourself physically? There is a whole heap of research coming out at the moment around what we eat and our diet’s impact on depression. A well balanced diet has been proven to significantly decrease depression and anxiety and increase our feelings of wellness.   

Did you know that exercising three times a week for 20 mins has been found to be more effective than base level antidepressants?! How active have you been lately? Look after yourself ladies.

Your vision becomes blurry

In extreme cases of dehydration your vision starts to become blurry and you cannot see straight. When we are emotionally drained we stop dreaming, we stop looking into the future and we quit planning. We start to look at our futures fearfully and with less optimism.

Are you part of a strong community of people who love and support you? Who is in your life that inspires you?

Ok I'm a little dehydrated what else can I do?

I will be talking to all these points at length in future posts but for now just simply take time out for you; have some fun, connect in with other people and start dreaming.  

The bible tells us to be well balanced as our adversary roams around seeking whom he may devour. See 1 Peter 5:8. It also tell us to go to Jesus all who are burdened and weary and he will give you rest (Mat 11:28).

Balancing your energy is an intentional thing.

Good luck ladies xx